Custom short-term financial solutions
for long-term gains.
  • A bridge to provide short-term financing for continued, long-term growth.

  • Quicker access to capital compared to traditional loans.

  • Financial flexibility without being locked into a long-term commitment.

Fast, convenient access to short-term loans.

Bridge Financing

Our specialty lending program is a short-term funding solution that bridges the gap between where a company is today and securing permanent financing. Typically, our loan clients are introduced via centers of influence within our Midwest regional network and are required to submit full documentation and financials for underwriting.

Investment Criteria

Loan Size
$1 – $8 Million

Average Term
12 – 18 Months

Midwest Locations

Average Term
12 – 18 Months

Interest-Only Loans

Mezzanine Financing for Commercial Real Estate

Many CRE projects need additional financing or mezzanine debt to obtain proper funds. Our mezzanine financing program provides a solution to fill the financial gap between the cost to build a commercial real estate project and the amount a lender is willing to provide. Kompass accepts referrals from bankers, financial consultants, developers, and construction companies.

Investment Criteria

Loan Size
$2 – $8 Million

Open to new construction with a maximum LTC (loan to cost) of 85%

Non-recourse loans

Flexible payment terms

Not accepting retail, office, or hotel projects currently. Currently not available in California

We make it easy to bridge the gap.

Convenient, customizable, short-term loans. Let’s talk today.

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Simplify your AP. Generate new revenue.

  • A scalable, sustainable business solution that bridges the supply chain gap.
  • Increase working capital.
  • Speed up payments.
  • Generate new revenue – automatically.
    • Accelerating $1,000,000 a month in payments to your suppliers can lead to an extra $36,000 in your annual revenue.