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Kompass Funding

Schedule a time to discuss your business funding objectives, so our advisors can show you examples of similar businesses leveraging cash-flow solutions to scale their business quickly. 

You can customize and manage how you want to factor with Kompass Funding, so you get the funding you need, when you need it. Our clients can even avoid waiting 30 to 60 days for your customers to pay invoices, we pay you the amount of the invoice within 24 hours and assume the risk of collection.

Now you can focus on growing your business. 




How can Factoring help my business?

Business Funding

1. Immediate funds for use
2. Save time and effort following up on payments
3. Zero debt inquired and no capital requirements
4. Provides more money and time to allow you to focus on growing your business

How does it work?

Business Funding

1. Fill out our online application
2. Kompass Funding will review your application and eligible invoices
3. A proposal agreement will be sent to you to be signed
4. Your client account will be set up by Kompass Funding
5. Begin submitting invoices and receiving funds

How long does this process take?

Business Funding

Accounts can be set up in as little as a few days dependent upon business information provided.

How quickly can I be paid?

Business Funding

Once an invoice is submitted, funds will be sent in as little as 24 hours.

How can I track my invoices and payments?

Business Funding
Through Kompass Funding’s client portal.

If I have other outstanding invoices, am I able to be paid on those as well?

Business Funding
If you are currently working with another factor, we can pay off outstanding invoices and transfer all incoming invoices to Kompass Funding.

How much does it cost?

Business Funding
Fees are based on a 15-30 day pay cycle, however pricing can be customized to your situation.

What is the difference between resource and non-recourse factoring?

Business Funding
The main difference between the recourse and non-recourse factoring is who holds the risk in the relationship. For recourse factoring the credit risk of the customer stays with the client, whereas non-recourse factoring, the factor incurs the risk.

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