Accelerate supplier payments. Expand your profits.

Supplier Quick Pay is a scalable and sustainable business solution that bridges the financial supply chain gap, increases working capital, speeds up payments, and can generate revenue through our Revenue Sharing program. 

The early bird
earns the profit.

You get the idea. As the phrase implies, the significance of doing something early is to maximize the potential outcome. That’s exactly what Supplier QuickPay does. By strengthening your supply chain, you strengthen your financial health, improve your relationship and credibility with suppliers and vendors, and earn a profit through our Revenue Sharing program. 

Here’s how it works

Our team will reach out to your suppliers and vendors and introduce Supplier QuickPay; they will have the choice to enroll in the program or to pass – it is not required.

Once a supplier is enrolled, Kompass Funding will begin funding their invoices upon your approval.  

Once payment is due on your predetermined cycle (30/60/90 days), you will pay Kompass Funding for the invoice.  

Our revenue share is 15% of our top line revenue. For example, if we accelerate $1,000,000 a month in payments to your suppliers, that can lead to an extra $36,000 to your annual revenue. 


It’s proven…and easy.  

How will Supplier
QuickPay impact me?

Vendor Management Service (VMS)

Large staffing agencies who subcontract work for their clients can leverage SQP to pay their affiliate consultants in 24-48 hours, without changing their normal payment terms. 

Commercial Real Estate Developers

Developers can fund their construction partners faster through CRE QuickPay. 

Wireless Maintenance & Construction

5G implementation has increased projects and invoices for many companies which typically include long approval times and payment processes. The QuickPay program can get funds in the hands of your contractors or subcontractors faster so they can continue taking on new projects. 


Your company can only grow as fast your suppliers can keep up with demand. QuickPay can strengthen your supplier or vendor base by getting them the funds they need when they need it. 

CFO (Chief Financial Officers)

Are you sitting in a good cash position but looking for alternative ways to make money, our SQP program provides a solution where you earn revenue by allowing us to accelerate your AP on your behalf. There are no costs to you, and it is optional for your supplier or vendors. SQP also reduces costs in your AP department, so now your department is revenue-generating.

Vendor Manager/AP Specialist

Cut down on the number of vendor or supplier payments, eliminate requests for early or one-off payments, and create stronger relationships with your vendors or suppliers. You pay Kompass Funding according to your normal terms and we take care of the rest.

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