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Structured Equity

Capital. Expertise.
Strategic Partnership.

  • Customized, creative, diversified equity solutions.
  • Access to department and industry experts through shared services.
  • Growth capital without giving up control.
  • Improve your ROI with flexible financing.
  • Maximize return while reducing risk.

Structured Equity

Kompass Funding is passionate about strengthening our loan client relationships through our structured equity program. Over a loan, our clients can convert outstanding debt into equity and access to Kompass’ shared service model. Our team of industry experts will deliver highly comprehensive financial knowledge; strategic investment support and guidance; and institutional resources including finance and accounting, legal counsel, human resources, marketing, and operations.

Investment Criteria

Current or former loan client of Kompass Funding


Vetted by a strategic partner

Midwest Locations

Access to growth capital without giving up control.

Structured Equity

Access beyond capital.

Kompass Funding’s shared services are designed to gain capital to grow your business; financial expertise backed by a growth mindset; and industry-leading business services to support back-office operations, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.

Finance & Accounting

With Kompass Access, let the financial professionals do what they do best: improving timelines and clarity in financial reporting; staying up to date with changing compliance regulations; leveraging technology; managing cash flow; benchmarking key metrics and analyzing trends; and managing your overall financial infrastructure.

Legal Counsel

Legal services are a core function of any business, but employing in-house counsel can be costly. Through our shared service model, partners will have access to legal professionals with relevant experience in the financial industry and cost savings by reducing operational expenses including labor and technology.

Human Resources

From employee benefits to talent management, HR support and technology, admin and payroll, Kompass Access’s HR services is a comprehensive solution for companies primed for growth who need time to focus on their core business offering while we provide tailored HR support to your organization.


Marketing and advertising bring your brand to life, and our experts have the expertise to dive in and understand exactly what makes you unique and what will help you stand out in the market. Content creation, social media, print and digital design, email campaigns, website copy and design, sales collateral, and more are included in our marketing services.


Kompass Access partners will be able to utilize resources, materials, equipment, and technologies used to streamline processes and create workplace efficiencies. Our goal is to help reduce and lower operational costs; provide expertise on organizational processes; quickly identify and address internal issues; and work to expand key strengths and support long-term goals.

Let's win together.

Kompass Funding is dedicated to also working with referral partners, brokers, and financial consultants to help their clients improve cash flow and obtain the capital needed to move their business forward. “Win, together” is one of our core values, and we strive to make our partnerships mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

If you’re looking for alternative funding solutions for your client, please fill out the information below, and our sales team will contact you with additional information.

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Simplify your AP. Generate new revenue.

  • A scalable, sustainable business solution that bridges the supply chain gap.
  • Increase working capital.
  • Speed up payments.
  • Generate new revenue – automatically.
    • Accelerating $1,000,000 a month in payments to your suppliers can lead to an extra $36,000 in your annual revenue.
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