Strategic Partnership: NATE, The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association

Over the last year, wireless and internet service demand hit all-time highs as millions of Americans were forced to move their workspaces from an office to their living rooms.  With 5G already an initiative going into 2020, providers were forced to accelerate their efforts towards 5G implementation across the nation.

The support of 5G is going to require service to current cell towers and erection of new towers in many locations.   As a result, wireless providers are contracting more and more skilled workers to meet these goals.  Unfortunately, we have also seen wireless providers delay payment to cell tower companies by 60/90/120+ days. Meaning, many cell tower companies are often out the cash.

We see this an opportunity to partner with the cell tower industry and help companies get the funds they are owed faster.  That is why we are thrilled to join NATE! NATE is a non-profit association dedicated to providing a unified voice for companies across the tower construction and maintenance communities. NATE has truly made a difference by helping formulate and adhere uniform safety standards, facilitate safety training, and many more.

As members of NATE, we are offering a factoring program that can fill the cash flow gap left by wireless providers and help companies keep their workers paid and business running.


Alternative Funding Provides the Engine that Keeps Wireless Running

“The demand for subcontractors and general contractors from the crush of 5G build projects snowballs into the need for cash flow or capital to continue to run these businesses,” Tom Joerger, Kompass Funding Director of Operations said. A critical resource helping companies to make payroll and cover operational expenses during this time is alternative funding, a solution offered by Kompass. This engine keeps companies moving forward at full speed.

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Kompass Kapital Funding helps to strengthen startup companies by increasing their working capital.

The Situation: A startup company specializing in 5G underground boring, a method of installing underground utilities including pipes, conduits or cables, was winning numerous new projects and were in high demand; however, they struggled to come up with the capital to purchase new equipment and hire additional employees, two necessary components in order to continue to scale their business. As a startup that opened its doors in early 2022, the company did not attempt to seek out traditional funding such as a bank loan.

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You can customize and manage how you want to factor with Kompass Funding, so you get the funding you need, when you need it. Our clients can even avoid waiting 30 to 60 days for your customers to pay invoices, we pay you the amount of the invoice within 24 hours and assume the risk of collection.

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