What are the benefits of Invoice Funding?

82% of small businesses fail due to lack of cash flow and this can be the result of many reasons. For example, clients may take a long time to pay for your goods and services.  Combine late payments with the impact of COVID-19, businesses are feeling more squeezed for cash than ever. But instead of “dealing” with the problem, invoice funding can help alleviate some of your cash constraints. A couple key benefits to invoice funding include:

  1. Instant Funds for Growth: instead of waiting 60/90+ days to be paid, a lender can move money into your pockets in as little as a few days (provided with eligible invoices, of course). These funds can be used to expedite pay roll, hire a new worker, launch a marketing campaign, and many more!
  2. Save Time and Effort: By limiting time spent following up and collecting payments, you have more time and energy to focus on building your business and positioning yourself for growth.
  1. Zero Capital Requirement: Unlike traditional bank loans, invoice funding does not require good credit or collateral to qualify. You simply need eligible accounts receivables/invoices that can be processed by a lender.
  1. No Debt: since invoice funding is not a loan, it does not need to be added to your liabilities on your balance sheet!
  2. Simple Application Process: the application required to establish a partnership requires basic business information. No financial statements, business plans, or projections needed.
  1. Flexible Terms: There are no long-term contracts, minimums, or maximums to the amount you can fund.
  2. Professional Receivable Management: Save time, reduce expenses, and improve the turn around on your receivables with professional management. Lending companies will handle the paperwork, processing, and collection of payments on your invoices.

If an invoice funding program sounds like it may be a fit for your business, please feel free to check out our online application or email clientsupport@kompassfunding.com with any questions.


Alternative Funding Provides the Engine that Keeps Wireless Running

“The demand for subcontractors and general contractors from the crush of 5G build projects snowballs into the need for cash flow or capital to continue to run these businesses,” Tom Joerger, Kompass Funding Director of Operations said. A critical resource helping companies to make payroll and cover operational expenses during this time is alternative funding, a solution offered by Kompass. This engine keeps companies moving forward at full speed.

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Kompass Kapital Funding helps to strengthen startup companies by increasing their working capital.

The Situation: A startup company specializing in 5G underground boring, a method of installing underground utilities including pipes, conduits or cables, was winning numerous new projects and were in high demand; however, they struggled to come up with the capital to purchase new equipment and hire additional employees, two necessary components in order to continue to scale their business. As a startup that opened its doors in early 2022, the company did not attempt to seek out traditional funding such as a bank loan.

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