How business owners can manage their quarterly tax estimates with alternative lending solutions

One pain point for many business owners is quarterly tax estimate payments – this includes sole proprietors, partners in partnerships, members of LLCs, and shareholders of S-corps. Because of the requirement to pay your quarterly estimates by April 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and January 15th (for the fourth quarter), many entrepreneurs find the complexities of taxes overwhelming. The good news is that there are proactive steps you can take to ease the burden, and one effective strategy is to utilize alternative lending solutions so that you have the necessary funds to meet your tax obligations without disrupting your cash flow.

How to leverage your current portfolio to grow your financial flexibility

Individuals and businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to leverage their assets for growth and financial flexibility, and a powerful tool that can be used in gaining status is Securities-Based Lending (SBL). This financial strategy allows borrowers to use their investment portfolios as collateral for loans, providing a range of benefits that extend beyond traditional lending methods.

Why Budgeting for 2024 is Important for Your Financial Roadmap and Overall Growth

Late-night, horror, slasher movies on T.V. Zombies with missing body parts are crawling out of the ground and creepy clowns with sharp teeth are lurking in the sewers. Life-size skeletons, ghosts and goblins adorn nearly every house. It’s spooky season, and yet none of those things might scare you more than the idea of budgeting for the year 2024.

Current State of the Industry Amplifies the Importance of Funding

Telecom companies, including general contractors and subcontractors, have found themselves stuck between the tier-one carrier slowdown and rising interest rates that pressure bank financing. The deceleration of 5G deployment not only puts projects on hold, it can also delay payment cycles on work that has been completed, ultimately causing cash flow issues.

Working Kapital Life

A wise banker once told me “Only companies with capital deserve to grow.” Now, I understand that this could be met with debate, but hear me out. I do believe the underlying message here is that when a company has strong controls in place to grow their capital stack and has an opportunity to grow their top and bottom lines, they should use their capital in strategic ways to grow and not based solely on opportunities that present themselves.

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